Vision & Mission


Quality public education should use the highest standards to maximize student achievement. Quality education should provide intellectual stimulation, result in lifelong learning, and instill respect for cultural diversity.

In order to prepare our children for the 21st century, we believe that it is our responsibility to develop a community service ethic so that students will learn the values of helping others and maintaining a strong community.

Quality education requires the involvement of the entire community: students, parents, schools, and businesses, with each element being accountable to all other elements of the community.

Quality education both requires and imparts trust, cooperation, integrity, and teamwork.


Westwood Charter School is an inclusive, child-centered environment where children feel safe to take risks. It is a community dedicated to educating the whole child. Our students are actively engaged in learning through a curriculum that is both developmental and experiential. Our students are challenged to construct knowledge through meaningful interactions with each other and the world. Our students are agents of change as they embrace their connections to the local and global community.

Westwood Charter School, a member of the Los Angeles Unified School District and a California Distinguished School, has been a charter school since July 26, 1993.