Scrip Gift Cards

1. Buy SCRIP Gift Cards For Your Everyday Shopping

SCRIP gift cards are a simple way to raise money for our school without spending any extra cash—use gift cards on your weekly runs to grocery stores, coffee shops, and restaurants, and you can be donating hundreds of dollars to our school—anywhere from 1.5% to 50% of your purchase.


We encourage you to choose retailers where you regularly shop, and use SCRIP gift cards in place of cash or credit card. About to make a major purchase like furniture at Pottery Barn, a new appliance at Best Buy, or new suits at Bloomingdales? Think about how easy it would be to make a significant donation to our school with just a little forethought. The cards also make excellent gifts for birthdays, the holidays, and the end of the school year.


We offer Scrip gift cards in December and May, but can accommodate purchases at any time by emailing


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1. What is SCRIP?
SCRIP consists of gift cards and gift certificates available from many popular stores, restaurants and retail establishments nationwide. To see a current list of available SCRIP retailers, please click on this link.  

2. Why should I buy SCRIP?
This is a fundraising effort that everyone can participate in and it doesn't cost YOU anything extra. Why? If you buy $100 worth of SCRIP from Westwood W.I.S.E., you get to spend that exact same $100 at the store, restaurant, or retail establishment. Your additional cost of buying and using SCRIP is zero. At the same time, Westwood W.I.S.E. makes money for our school!

3. How does SCRIP make money for the school?
Westwood Charter W.I.S.E. buys SCRIP at less than face value from a SCRIP wholesaler and directly from some grocery stores. W.I.S.E. profits by selling this SCRIP to the community at FULL face value. Our school makes money on the difference between what we pay for SCRIP and what we sell it for.

4. How much of my purchase price goes to the school?
Westwood Charter makes anywhere from 1.5% to 50% from SCRIP. The list of available SCRIP has the profit percentage next to each participating retailer and restaurant.

5. Do you accept credit cards as payment for SCRIP?
We prefer payment by cash or check, but will accept VISA or MasterCard for purchases over $300 and from vendors that offer us a profit of 3% or more.

6. Can I use SCRIP gift cards to shop on-line?
Generally, yes. Just check with the vendor or on the gift card to make sure.


All SCRIP sales are final - thank you and happy shopping!! Questions? Please contact Meg Sipe or email her at