What is the School Based Management Council (SBM)?


The School Based Management Council (SBM) is the governing body of Westwood Charter School. As one of the first schools in the District to implement School Based Management, Westwood has been a successful model for over 20 years, with all but two of those years under the charter structure.


Most matters pertaining to school operation, including budget, safety concerns, and physical plant issues, fall under the purview of the SBM. Meetings are held monthly and are open to all. Decisions are reached by consensus and the opinions of all those present are considered, regardless of Council membership. The elected members of the Student Council are guests at each meeting, and they also report to the Council.


The SBM reserves the right to change the size of its membership at any time. At present the Council includes:

  • Ten parents; seven elected by the parent body to staggered two year terms, including the WISE president
  • Ten teachers elected by the certificated staff
  • The school site UTLA representative
  • One classified member elected by the classified staff
  • The principal

How are members of SBM elected?


Election of parents:
Parents are elected for two-year terms during the first school month. In the event that a parent member of the committee resigns, an elected alternative will serve the remainder of the term. The vacancy will first be offered to the parent with the most votes who did not win the election. If that person is not interested, the offer will be made to the alternate with the next greatest number of votes.


Candidates for the parent positions will be recruited through a Constant Contact email sent and posting on our SBM bulletin board. Candidates will submit a statement for publication in the Constant Contact and will deliver the statement at a nomination meeting prior to the election.


Election of teachers:
Teachers are elected at a staff meeting in the spring. Those elected must include at least one member of each instructional Family and one alternate, the runner-up in the election. In the event that a teacher resigns, the replacement will be the alternate from the same instructional Family.


When are SBM meetings held?


Meetings are held on Thursday evenings at 6:00 pm once per month, during most months.

Westwood Charter School will comply with the terms of the Brown Act. To provide access to SBM, meeting dates and the contact information for parent members is published on our website. SBM meeting minutes are published regularly on our website after approval by the Council.


How can I submit an agenda item?


Agendas are posted on the parent board in the main hallway of the school and our website. Any parent or staff member may submit items for the agenda by submitting a written request. Proposal forms are available below, on our website, and in the main office. Items must be submitted to the principal no less than 72 hours in advance of the meeting in order to be included on the agenda.


SBM Useful Forms 

Materials Request Form
Professional Development Request Form
Program Activity Proposal