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Seeking Contributions for the Westwood Charter Multicultural Week Museum December 11-15

Westwood Charter's Multicultural Week will be December 11th-15th. In addition to the classroom "feast" and parent presentations, the library is transformed into a "museum" featuring items contributed by Westwood Charter families over the year. These items include a wide range of objects from pieces of traditional clothing, to statues, to small books, etc. The items are arranged by country of origin and all classrooms have the opportunity to tour the museum during their library time.


We are seeking new contributions for the museum this year. Please consider donating an object to the museum that reflects your family's origins/visits/culture. These items will be kept permanently at Westwood Charter and displayed each year in the museum. Although children are discouraged from handling the items, please don't contribute anything that is extremely fragile or expensive. Please include a tag or sign with the object indicating your family's name and the origin of the item, which will be included in the display.


If you have an item to donate, please bring it to the office (preferable in a plastic bag with the item/sign) and a place it in the black plastic bin we have put there for the multicultural museum. We are accepting donations all next week (Dec. 4-8) If you want your item to be included, be sure to drop it off by next Friday, December 8th so it can be included in the museum.


Please feel free to email us with any questions. 



Angelike Dexter ( and Beth Glenn-Mallouk (

Multicultural Week Co-Chairs


Principal's Coffee

Wednesday, December 6 8:15 am in Library

Guest Speaker: Dr. Barbara Moreno

How to Talk with Your Children When the World Seems Scary


A Westside favorite, Dr. Barbara Moreno, a child and family therapist, will lead the conversation. Her many years of experience as a social worker, parent, teacher and psychotherapist forms a strong base for her successful and relevant parent support groups.


Participants will explore the impact of worry and anxiety on the family when events around us feel scary.

They will take home practical tools and insights on ways to reassure their children and to

help them better deal with their distress.


Westwood parents continue to give her work with them outstanding reviews:

"This was a sensitive and relevant workshop.Thanks."


"I love the logical, compassionate and intelligent approach to . . parenting."



Allana Friedman

Curriculum Coordinator

Westwood Charter Elementary School


Holiday Parent/Student Community Council (PSCC)

Tuesday, December 5 6:30pm in Auditorium


We warmly invite you to be a part of our next Parent/Student Community Council on Tuesday, December 5 at 6:30 p.m. in our Auditorium.  This evening allows you to gather with fellow parents, students, and Westwood teachers to be a member of our special community in an intimate and meaningful way.
Featured Teachers This Month
Annalee Kennedy
Christina Close
Diana Greenstein
Krysten Hall 
Manday Pierce
Therese Rumi
Council is the practice of speaking and listening from the heart. Through compassionate, heartfelt expression and empathetic listening, Council offers an effective means of communicating. It provides a common experience and shared vision for sound decision-making and conflict resolution. It is also a valuable learning tool that enables children to express themselves thoughtfully and with confidence.
Your child participates in Council on a regular basis at our school. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to experience with your child, what has become common practice at Westwood Charter. COME BE A PART OF THE CIRCLE!
Please RSVP to Diana Greenstein