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Education & Enrichment Fund

Give to the Education & Enrichment Fund Drive today because when it comes to our kids, every amount matters!




We need your gift to the Education & Enrichment Fund Drive!  Without your participation, we may LOSE some of the programs and personnel that make Westwood Charter such a wonderful educational experience for your child. This could mean:


  • No art teachers
  • music teachers
  • Outdated technology                                                                                                                                   
  • Larger class sizes in upper grades
  • No gardening
  • Loss of highly trained staff
  • Classrooms and grounds that aren’t thoroughly cleaned

These and other critical needs are not covered by the funds we receive through LAUSD and must be paid for by WISE, our school’s parent organization. We are asking every family to share the burden of these costs, just as your child shares in the benefit. Remember, when it comes to our kids, EVERY piece truly matters!

Contributions to the Education & Enrichment Fund make possible the programs and staff for class-size reductions, classroom aides, art, music, drama, and physical education, as well as the school librarian, computers/technology, and other critical needs. All donations are tax-deductible, and the funds raised from the Education & Enrichment Fund Drive go to the school’s programs and facilities.

We strive for 100% participation from our school families, and begin seeking Education and Enrichment Fund support in the fall. While we encourage Education and Enrichment Fund gifts be made before the Winter Break, contributions made through June 30th will be recognized for the current school year.

In addition to support from parents of current students, we welcome and encourage gifts from grandparents and other family members, Westwood Charter alumni, and the neighborhood community.  Employers who offer matching programs can also help substantially increase our fundraising efforts.

To donate, please click on the link above to make an instant donation with your credit card via Paypal. Alternatively, you can use the forms below and chose options to make your payment at one-time or spread them across multiple payments during the school year. For more information, contact the Enrichment Fund Drive chair at:


Letter to Parents (2015-16)
Parent Donation Form (2015-16)